Turbine bypass controls for coal fired power station Vietnam


ISC system a combination of a hydraulic control system with integrated and programmed PLC

Our Brief:

Our customer SPX Copes Vulcan valves have been making turbine bypass control valves for over 50 years. Today’s requirements need an integrated package of hydraulics and PLC controls that will “talk to each other”.  SPX had suffered from other suppliers not being able to execute such a package

What we did:

The hydraulic part of the system was reasonably straight-forward for AAL. The trick was understanding what we could make the PLC controls do for us.  To resolve this we had a number of our design team trained to write the software for the PLC and be trained on its capabilities.

By detailed integration between the two we made 30% saving on power consumption of the hydraulic system, we reduced the site commissioning time by more than half a day per system for the SPX engineer.  In understanding the criticality of the turbine bypass valves in the running of the power station we were able to offer remote monitoring of the system via the internet to make sure the system was running to the parameters given.

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