Our ‘Z‘ range includes a range of self-contained linear electro-hydraulic actuators, which are both versatile and extremely robust.

With fully adjustable thrust and speed controls, they don’t require external pipework and are completely sealed protecting them from any contaminants.

They are ideal for on-off applications and need little or no maintenance.

The ‘Z’ range is commonly used in the bulk materials handling and nuclear industries. 

Key Features

  Completely self contained – external pipework, power packs : compressors not required

  Thrusts and Speeds fully adjustable for each direction of travel

  No Filters or Directional Solenoid Valves required

  The units are weatherproof and can include various options including – explosion proof, various mountings, manual operation, spring or accumulator fail safe.

  Actuator Thrust ranges 250 to 80,000 kgf

  Actuator Speed ranges of 2 to 500mm/sec

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