EDF Nuclear Power. Main outage overhaul and repair work both on and off site


Provision of qualified hydraulic, and electrical engineers to work on site

Our Brief:

EDF Nuclear Power have a number of hydraulic systems that operate critical valves on two of their eight power stations in the UK. The hydraulic equipment is 40 years old with a number of obsolete components. The power stations are shutdown on a regular basis to allow overhaul and maintenance of these critical systems

What we did:

Firstly, to gain access and work on a nuclear power station in the UK we needed at least 7 different qualifications, from security checks to holding of permits to work. AAL have these qualified engineers.

The nature of the work during a shutdown is random. EDF have a work plan but this invariably is changed during the shutdown so the AAL site team have to be very flexible to complete the work load, this means working more than 10 hour days and weekend working.

AAL strip out complete hydraulic systems including cylinders and accumulators, pumps electric motors and a range of hydraulic valves. All items are examined, reported on, if damaged, rebuilt, tested and reinstated. Each component and system is strictly controlled by EDF documentation which must be followed.

The work to do on a shutdown can vary but they generally need at least 4 technicians for more than 30 days on site with the largest contract being 8 men for 40 days valued at over £330,000.00

The Result

We have been doing this service work for EDF for over 5 years, on time and to budget.

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