Our ‘S‘ Range of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Stepping Actuators are based on widely used mechanical principles, which we have refined and improved upon to provide a reliable and cost effective product.

Primarily used in the Oil and Gas industries the ‘S’ range provides choke valve control. They are available in either pneumatic or hydraulic formats and come with a number of optional features.

Our ‘S’ range is commonly used in choke valve controls.

Key Features

  Rotary Stepping Pneumatic & Hydraulic options available

  Steps per Revolution – 17 to 45

  Speed 0 to 120 steps per minute

  Supply voltage – 24 VDC

  ATEX – Actuator (Mechanical) Exh IIb T6 Gb / Exh IIIb 80°C Db

  Ingress Protection – IP68 (10 Mtr for 24 Hours)

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